Are you losing customers because you aren’t fluent in Spanish?

Have you ever wanted to communicate better with Spanish-speaking clients?

“Cómo Comprar Casa En USA (How to Buy a House in the US)” is an easy-to-read bilingual resource, written in Spanish (with carefully chosen vocabulary in English) to make it easier for the Spanish-speaker to “bridge the gap” between both languages.

Greg Mullan

- Greg Mullan, Loan Officer

“I actually carry this book in my in my computer bag because if I get somebody who speaks Spanish and says: “I am really interested in buying”, and “I don’t know a lot about the process”,  I bought it to be able to say:  “Hey, here’s a good book that you can use because I don’t speak Spanish fluently.”
Greg Mullan, Mortgage Loan Officer with Bank of America

Most of the time, bilingual people are comfortable speaking English, but if you give them specific information in English, such as a closing cost estimate or a worksheet; or you start getting into the details of the home buying process, they just don’t understand the lingo and it’s hard to figure out what word is the one they don’t completely understand. Having this book allows your clients to actually comprehend the concepts and the lingo in the written word.

“Cómo Comprar Casa En USA (How to Buy a House in the US)” is a step-by-step guide of the home purchase process; from getting ready to buy a home to closing the transaction.  With just a quick glance, your clients will understand:

  • How a good real estate agent can save them money and time 
  • How much money they will need for buying a house 
  • Which of the different mortgage loan programs is best for their situation 
  • The many closing and loan costs (and which ones are fair for them to pay) 
  • How to understand the debits and credits on the HUD-1 form.

Testimonials from clients

“As an immigrant, the process of buying a house in the US can be confusing, uncertain, and emotionally draining. This book greatly helps with avoiding unpleasant experiences.”
Lina C., Colombian, Event Planning, California

“If you don’t know what to research, you don’t even know where to start. This book helps you identify the topics that you need to understand in the first place.”
Luis O., Mexican, Engineering, Washington, D.C.

“It’s very useful to have this book in Spanish. In the US, there is a large Spanish-speaking population, and in spite of it, there is very little literature written by hispanics for hispanics. Most of them are translations (some of them very poor).”
A. Laura S., Argentinian, English as a Second Language (ESL)  Education, Virginia

Marina Brito

Marina Brito, author

Hi, I’m Marina Brito, fellow Realtor at RE/MAX and author of “Cómo Comprar Casa En USA”.
I wrote this book to help you communicate effectively with Spanish-speaking home-buyers. It makes a very useful, loyalty-building gift to your clients.  It is available at by using this direct link: “Cómo Comprar Casa En USA”

In addition to the book, here are some valuable resources for you to use with your clients:

Interactive English-Spanish Real Estate Glossary

Downloadable Table of Contents (in English)

Happy Selling!

Marina Brito

Marina Brito

P.S. Click here to buy the book: “Cómo Comprar Casa En USA” (How to buy a house in the US)